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Monday, August 24, 2009

CAPTESA Day 2009 - August 20, 2009

A video taken during the CAPTESA Day 2009 and celebration of TVET Week/TESDA 15th Year Anniversary held at Villareal Stadium, Roxas City with the Theme:"Alay ng TESDA - Kagalingan, Kaalaman, kasanayan Para sa Magandang Kinabukasan."

Part of the activity was a dance showdown between students of different member schools of Capiz TESDA Schools Association (CAPTESA) and a cultural presentation.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Computer Programming NC IV Proficiency Test Coverage

Just recently, TESDA ordered a memorandum to all TESDA Regional Director regarding the conduct of Proficiency Test on Computer Programming NC IV. Based on the memorandum sent by TESDA Deputy Director, Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) has agreed to conduct and administer the Proficiency Test on Computer Programming to trainers of registered programs for Programming NC IV.

Assessors from the CICT will conduct the assessment on a per region basis from February to March.

The ICT Proficiency Exam is designed to assess/evaluate the competence/proficiency of an individual to perform programming functions.

Certificate of passing the ICT Profeciency Test is equivalent for a CSC 1st grade eligibility.

This are the coverage of the exam for you to review:

  • Flowchart
  • Algorithms
  • Basic Computer Concepts : Internal data representation, software systems, hardware components;
  • Programming and Stages of Program Development: Programming Analysis, Program Design, Program Coding, Testing and Debugging, and Program Documentation;
  • File Access Methods;
  • Programming Environment
  • Internet / E-Commerce
  • Open Source Technology

  • Application Form with 2pc Passport size Picture with Name Tag
  • Permit / Official receipt (Payment Fee: Not Yet Announced)
  • Pencil (s), Pen (s), sharpener and eraser(s)
  • Food/snacks
  • Valid ID with Picture
Programming Language Application (You can choose from any programming language:

  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • C
  • Java
Type of Exam:

  • Part I (30%) - written Examination good for 2 hours
  • Part II (70%) - Hands-on Programming examination that is good for 6 hours.
You can visit NCC website for more information and review materials:


Based on the memorandum, National Computer Center ICT Proficiency Exam will be used in testing the competency of all trainors of Training Institutions offering CBT or Ladderized Education Program offering/embedding Programming NC IV Training Regulation. This proficiency exam was originally given by NCC and Civil Service Commission (CSC) in determining the fitness of individuals in occupying highly technical ICT positions and through which the awarding of appropriate ICT (EDP) specialist eligibility will be based.

Certification is indeed very important for a possible applicants in ICT. This would really help him to get hired. Teachers/Trainors/Instructors teaching Programming must take the examination in order for them to be qualified as Trainors/Assessors under the TESDA Program.

I am not sure if the same assessment will also be applied for students/trainees
taking Programming NC IV under Technical Vocational Institutions and LEP to get certified? Based on the NCC , qualified applicants must be a Filipino citizen and a bachelor's degree holder, or will graduate before the exam date and must have undergone formal training in college or training institution in the area of programming. If this would be the case, does the Trainors teaching programming not a graduate of 4 year degree course could not qualify to take the exam? What will happen to the LEP embedded program and Competency Based Training for Programming NC IV (2 year) trainees? Are they also qualified?

I do hope that TESDA would plan and decide for this prior to the implementation of assessment to the trainees/students. Not just what happened to PC Operation NC II, wherein an abrupt assessment was conducted for the trainees, and then in the later part they decided to enlist the PC Operation NC II in the Training Regulations.

Capiz TESDA Schools Association (CAPTESA), Inc has a total of 32 trainors for Programming NC II training regulations from twelve (12) training institutions offering the said WTR. As of now there is an estimated 800 trainees/students from the CAPTESA member schools that is about to finish Programming NC II this coming March 2009.

Latest Update:

May 20, 2009 - Region VI-TESDA Regional Office conducted an assessment on Programming NC IV at West Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) using the NCC Test Package in ICT Proficiency Exam. More than 40 instructors and programmers from Region VI (Capiz, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Aklan) took the exam. The exam has two (2) sets: Test of Knowledge (Multiple Choice). It covers pesudocode, networking, analysis, program tracing, flowcharting and have strong foundation in data structures and algorithm, logic design, logic formulation and discrete mathematics. Test of Skills (Programming: Using any of the programming languages (Turbo C, C++, Java and Visual Basic). The TESDA and NCC told the examinees that once they passed the exam, it would be credited for TESDA Programming NC IV certification.

Majority of the examinees are from CAPTESA member schools in Roxas City and Capiz Province.

August 2009 - The result of the assessment was released and only 4 examinees passed the assessment. 3 of them are from CAPTESA Member School Instructors namely: Felixberto A. Baguyo (Hercor College), Alan D. Hermenegildo (Filamer Christian College) and Jorge Cosgayon (Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion) and 1 from Negros Occidental. TESDA informed them that their certification will not be credited for TESDA Programming NC IV, but equivalent to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) 1st grade eligibility. They have to take the Programming NC IV Assessment.

The TESDA-R6 informed the CAPTESA member schools that there was already a Test Package for the Programming NC IV and those who passed the previous assessment (ICT Proficiency Test) where commissioned to be the assessors for the incoming assessment scheduled on September 22-23, 2009.

1st week of September 2009 - Faculty of the CAPTESA member schools specially those handling programming subjects are encouraged to take Programming NC IV competency assessment scheduled on September 29-30, 2009.

September 29-30, 2009 - 16 examinees where obliged to take the assessment despite of lack of review and preparation. Only one (1) passed the assessment. In my own opinion, Programming NC IV competency assessment is harder and longer compared to the NCC's ICT Proficiency Test. Below are some of the differences between the two assessments:

Programming NC IVICT Proficiency Test
Types of Exam Hands On, Interview Hands On & Written
Programming LanguageOOP{Java, C++,VB, VB.NET} & Procedural{C,Java, Pascal}C, C++, Java & VB6
DatabaseMS Access is allowedMS Access is not allowed, DAO
Length/Duration2 Days1 Day
Day 1: Procedural Programming/DOS (COC 2) - PayrollAM : Written Exam
Day 2:OOP w/ database/GUI (COC1) - Library SystemPM : Hands On
Library System (Varies Yearly)
EligibilityTESDA Certification - NC IV - can be use applying abroadCSC 1st Grade Eligibility - can be use in applying to government institution
Interview YesNo

Difficulty Rate [1..5]


Reliability & Validity of Test [1..5]

3 - depends on the assessor5 - depends on your personal skills

Availability of Programming Application

Bring your own installer (IDE) to be sureC/O to the assessment venue -

Output Requirements

given already - just follow the desired outputgiven but in VB make your own design for the library system
Announcement of ResultImmediately after the Exam

Certificate of Competency 1(COC1) in OOP

Certificate of Competency 2(COC2) in Procedural

If you passed both COCs you will be given Programming NC IV
NCC sends notice if you passed or failed (maximum 3 months)
AgencyTESDANational Computer Center (NCC)
Examination Fee P500.00 P500.oo Prof/ P300 Student
Exam Schedule by RegionMay 23, 2009 and November 21, 2009 at Quezon City, Cebu City and Zamboanga City

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Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Assessors' Methodology (AM-1) Training Workshop sponsored by CAPTESA Scheduled

Another training for Assessors will be conducted by CAPTESA President Dr. Expedito A. Seneres with TESDA Provincial Director Victor Gallego and Staff of TESDA Capiz Provincial Office during the CAPTESA Day at Flatrock Beach ResortCAPTESA

through the leadership of Dr. Expedito A. Seneres, CAPTESA and Filamer Christian College President to further enhance the skills of trainors/Assessors for TESDA Capiz. In cooperation with TESDA, Capiz Provincial Office, CAPTESA scheduled another training for Assessors' Methodology 1 (AM-1) on February 18-20, 2009 and February 25-27, 2009 at Espacio Verde, Brgy. Dayao, Roxas City.

30-35 participants from the different CAPTESA members school are expected to attend. This was the 4th Batch training for prospect assessors in the different Training Regulations.

This training intensifies TESDA's implementation of the National Technical and Vocational Education and Training Trainors/Assessors Qualification Program (NTT/AQP).

Assessors' Methodology (AM-1) together with the Trainors' Methodology (TM-1) which participants already attended last January 21-23, 2009, are parts of NTT/AQP that aims to provide the momentum for the effective registration of TVET programs following the prescriptions of training regulations for trainors qualification. TM-1 also address the needs to fully qualify instructors who can teach in Technical Vocational Institutions (TVI), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved in the delivery of TESDA’s ladderized programs and Competency Base Training (CBT).

Assessor's Methodology training equips participants with necessary knowledge for the conduct of institutional assessment and also to prepare them to become an accredited competency assessor.

A Competency Assessment for Assessors’ Methodology 1 (AM 1) will be conducted after the training. If found competent, a Trainors Qualification (TQ) certification shall be issued which will serve as his/her passport and entry requirement to teach technology subjects.

The TESDA's formula for this is:

TQ1 = Trainors Methodology Plus + National Certification +
Assessors' Methodology 1.

At present, TESDA-Capiz recorded 103 qualified accredited assessors (TQ/AQ) in the different qualifications. 86 registered Training Regulation (WTR) from various CAPTESA member schools, and one (1) registered assessment center. This only shows CAPTESA's support to TESDA-Capiz in molding skilled workers through providing relevant education and qualified trainors and assessors.

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Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

CAPTESA Skilled Workers (Part 1)

An integrated database of the TESDA-Capiz of training institutions and schools offering certified courses in different sectors with the corresponding institutions, trainors and assessors. Assessors and trainors undergo a hectic training for trainors (Training Methodology), passed the National Certification in specific Training Regulations and attended training for Assessors through CAPTESA and TESDA-Capiz to be certified as Accredited Competency Assessors (AQ1).

On going training program for instructors of CAPTESA members schools areCAPTESA PC Hardware Servicing Assessors headed by Mr. Rene P. Garrino conducted to enhance their skills as trainor/assessor. With this, CAPTESA member schools kept on updating for trainings and offering additional Competency Based Training, Modular Courses, and embedding Training Regulations through Ladderized Education Program (LEP) that supports TESDA objectives in providing skilled and competent workers in the Philippines and abroad.

Animal Production NC II

  • Capiz State University-Burias Campus
    1. Legaspi, Salvacion
    2. Olmo, Ludovico Jr.
    3. Solante, Emelita
    4. Sarimong, Ryan T.
    5. Legada, Guillermo, Jr.
  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Cadiz, Delia
    2. Araña, Arlie
Aquaculture NC II

  • Capiz State University-Dayao Campus
    1. Sustento, Fatima
    2. Sitjar, Joselito C.
    3. Nava, Edna M.
Agricultural Crops Production NC I EO358
  • Capiz State University-Burias Campus
    1. Balacase, Auralyn
    2. Legaspi, Salvacion
    3. Dela Toree, Cynthia
    4. Solante, Emelita
    5. Solante, Ramises
    6. Solante, Ryan

Auto Servicing NC II
  • Capiz Institute of Electronics
    1. Alamodin, Juanito E.
    2. Ferrer, Roberth F.
  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Bullos, Villardo, Jr. D.
    2. Esteva, Ernesto F.

Building Wiring Installation NC II

  • Capiz Institute of Electronics
    1. Daliva, George V.
  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Daduya, Uldarico M.

Carpentry NC II
  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Funa, Hector

Masonry NC II
  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Pardilla, Ronelio P.

Plumbing NC II

  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Pardilla, Ronelio P.

Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II
  • Capiz Institute of Electronics
    1. Hiponia, Querico
    2. Deondo, Renito B.
    3. Daliva, George
  • Life Goal International Institute, Inc.
    1. Engr. Develes, Elne D.
  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Cadiz, Arlindo A.
    2. Daduya, Uldarico M., Jr.

Dressmaking NC II

  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Estolano, Mercedita F.
    2. Fortit, Evelyn F.
    3. Fetalino, Melba F.
    4. Frac, Marisa G.
    5. Frac, Rosa F.
    6. Frial, Virginia F.
    7. Frio, Grace F.
    8. Fronda, Cresencia F.
    9. Gallaza, Gilda F.
    10. Gustillo, Lolita S.
    11. Mendoza, Evelyn F.
    12. Mendoza, Lina P.
    13. Pardilla, Nenita F.

Tailoring NC II

  • Dumalag Vocational Technical School TESDA TTI School
    1. Fortit, Evelyn F. (Assessor)
    2. Estolano, Mercedita F.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Contact Us


Arnaldo Blvd., Roxas City
Contact No: (036)-621-5036

CAPTESA, Inc. Officials and Board of Directors
(SY 2008-2009)
President: Dr. Expedito A. Seneres (FCC)
Vice-President: Dr. Zenaida V. Fajardo (DVTS)
Secretary: Dr. Jocelyn C. Villaruz (FCC)
Treasurer: Mrs. Milagros Lajo (SAC-R)
Auditor: Mr. Timoteo J. Cana, Jr. (PACE)
PRO: Mr. Allan Berug (CIE)
Board of Directors: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Vicente F. Hilata, PA, VG (CPC)
Sr. Lourdes Pestano (CPC)
Sr. Luz D. Roma, D.C. (SAC-R)
Mr. Jose Hernandez (HC)
Mr. Leonardo Eusalan (CIE)
Dr. Zarina Lourdes T. Soriano (LIHI)
Dr. Arturo M. Nava (CapSU-Mambusao)
Dr. Edgar dilla (CapSU-Pontevedra)
Dr. Lucy A. Beluso (CapSU-Dayao)
Dr. Edito L. Lago (CapSU-Dumarao)
Pstr. Ronald Calina (ACLC)
Mr. Alberto Villaruz (DAV-C)
Mrs. Nilda Delgado (Master's Hands)
Mr. Jose Bernard Loberiza (Techno Globe)
Sports Coordinator: Mr. Adam Jesus B. Bering (FCC)
Socio-Cultural Coordinator: Dr. Jocelyn C. Villaruz (FCC)
Skills Coordinator: Engr. Regino E. Baraquia (TESDA-Capiz)
Consultant: PD Victor Gallego, Provincial Director, TESDA Capiz

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Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009


Are you really a Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009? Join the latest SEO and blogging Contest exclusively for the Capizeños and win a total of P10,000.00 worth of prizes at stake.

This new SEO contest is open to all teachers, students and graduates of any college school in Roxas City and Capiz. Sponsored by OptiRed, a SEO Company based in Roxas City and owned by a Capiznon blogger.

Despite of a hectic schedules – more teachers, bloggers and students in Capiz are eager to join and challenge each others skills in search engine optimization. Regardless of limited time, access of internet, and resources many are still enthusiastic to participate. It is not because of the prize but due to challenge, experience and friendship, are the main reasons why Capiznon bloggers take part of the contest.

Capiznon bloggers (noob, newbie and experts) are successful in conquering local and international SEO Contest this 2009.

CAPTESA member schools and students joining this Capiz Inter-School SEO Contest are the following: Capiz State University, Filamer Christian College, Hercor College, PACE Computer College, Colegio dela Purisima Concepcion and Capiz Institute of Electronics.

Prizes awaits to the participants whose blog ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the “Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009” keyword phrase in Google Search Engine.

Capiz Inter-School SEO Contest Prizes
1st Prize P 5,000.00
2nd Prize P 3,000.00
3rd Prize P 2,000.00

You can visit OptiRed website for more information.

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Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009


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